So I've been into customizing just about anything I get my hands on all of my life. When it came to vehicles it was no different. From my first truck to my latest Jeep I've always put my own spin on them and made them unique. Why blend in with everyone else when you can stand out and make what you drive or ride better? I do all the work myself from installing lifts to tweaking the engines and paint. Some things I leave to others like stitching the leather that I then install or welding parts. You can pay a grand to have something done to your vehicle, or you can pay $300 for the part and install it yourself!

The first one customized!

Built an apehanger!

Looks like the first one, but its actually another one built a few years later after the original sold.

Loved the ram air with butterflies on this but had to be careful in the rain!

Shotgun Pipes and Drag Bars! Now thats fun!

Rejetting Carbs....sigh.... good times.

Cutting into body panels takes some guts I must say.

Shaping a Saddle

Going for the "Old WWII Bomber" look. Satin grey with all emblems shaved and filled.

The 08

Installing Cruise Control.... easier than I figured!

New Corbeau's going in!

The time came for a trade in for the new Addiwagon. With the more powerful engine and smoother transmission in this model I think we are good!

Stages of the build!

Going from stock black cloth to tan leather!

New Pentastar puts out over 300hp with a little help from Banks Engineering and a custom exhaust!

Last of the Cherokees! Legendary 4.0 inline 6 with leather interior, front and rear guards, lift, and tuning!

The Nissan I customized after the Cherokee... not sure why I went with that truck but anyway...

Picking up a project bike down in Grenada with my custom Liberty. Loved that Jeep. Mild lift with larger tires, white out signals, brush guard and lights along with a leather interior and custom sound system.

The 08 parked next to a newly imported GTR. Told him I'd race him anytime... as long as I got to pick the race course.